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Complete Audience Services

For organizations who rely on their audience data


With our powerful technology we seamlessly manage your fulfillment so you can focus on other core business needs.

Services  are not limited to:
  Manual Data Entry  
            Customer Service
  Data Cleansing/Standardization
  Duplication Removal
  Unit Assignment
  Demographic Research & Appending
  Prepopulating Web Forms - sign-up, renewal, registration
  Circulation Audit Processes 
  CASL Compliance Management
  Subsidy Program Research, Application and Project Execution

If you need a way to have your data managed and presented, we can do it.


Whether your audience is a paid model or controlled/free print subscriptions, digital subscriptions, memberships, e-newsletters, events or combinations and multiples of these, we will manage the data in a unified environment that makes sense for your audience. And we'll do it right.

Our experience includes working with four audience auditing boards (CCAB, AAM, VAC and CMCA) audiences that aren't audited, and even audiences that are actually inventory type products rather than people. What they have in common is assignable attributes and demographics - mail deliverability, email deliverability, payment/renewal status, industry, size, sales, event attendance and more. Each piece can be identified and tracked independently for each audience member, and then assembled into useful profiles to optimize your audience.

When it comes to email, we'll monitor and record supporting documentation to track and ensure that your communications are CASL compliant. For further information on CASL (Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation), visit or click here for answers to frequently asked questions.


It's About You


Know your total audience across all products

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